Well Said Wednesday: Baby, You’re a Firework

Here in the States, the 4th of July means a day off work (for many), picnics, parades and fireworks. And today, the 5th of July, means back to work, possibly sunburned, likely a little tired from all the neighbors shooting off said fireworks way later than we wish they did.

I find fireworks fascinating and beautiful. They burst into patterns and colors we can’t predict and pulse with energy and light that feels like a cosmic high five. To me, fireworks equal celebration.

We need more fireworks in our life, especially if we’re traveling down that seemingly endless road of creating content for our businesses. Write the blog… write the newsletter…write the video script…write the sales letter…write the book chapter…write the email…write the sentence you don’t hate.

Do you celebrate those writing successes?

(Yes, getting it done is absolutely a success.)

Success deserves acknowledgment.

I’m not talking about crossing off writing tasks on your To Do list (although that will provide a level of satisfaction.) I mean pausing for a mini-celebration of what you’ve accomplished with your words. I mean giving yourself a pat on the back, doing a little happy dance in your chair, letting go a “woo-hoo, yay for me,” enjoying a virtual firework.

When you give yourself credit for sitting down and sticking with it until the thing was written (or sitting down a couple of times until the thing was written, either counts!) you are reinforcing habits and giving yourself a sense of closure and accomplishment. Those are rare commodities when we work for ourselves. Don’t skip an opportunity to experience them.

Because when you’re typing here, that last line of the blog post with a looming deadline, you need to celebrate the accomplishment.

Cue the fireworks!